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Applicants should read through the below information to help with their submission


Applicants must ensure that all the information listed below must be included in their submission document.


Please send your submission document in WORD format to by the deadline of 26 Apr 2024*.

Please ensure your submission covers all the required details as per the below section on "Requirements on Submission Contents".

* Subject to change without prior notice


Please email if you have any questions about the competition or your submission.


Click here to view the terms and conditions of the competition.

  • 1. Personal Information
    Full name Contact details (email, phone number) University and department affiliation Current academic status (confirming PhD level or above)
  • 2. Research and Innovation Details
    Explanation of how the innovation addresses a specific COMMERCIAL pain point in the UK market.
  • 3. Patent Potential
    Information on any steps taken towards patent application Assessment of the innovation’s patentability (if applicable)
  • 4. Summary of the Business (300 words)
    Provide a concise overview of your business idea, highlighting the key aspects of your plan including your mission, the problem you are addressing, your solution, target market, and your business model.
  • 5. Product or Service Description (200 Words)
    Describe the product or service your business intends to offer. Include specific features, benefits, and how it addresses the needs of your target market.
  • 6. Target Customers
    Identify your target customer segments.
  • 7. Revenue Model
    How Will Your Business Generate Income? Outline your primary revenue streams. Include any relevant financial tables or models that detail pricing strategies, cost structures, and expected revenue.
  • 8. Competitive Landscape
    List key competitors offering similar products/services. Discuss your competitive advantages, such as unique features, pricing, quality, or technology.
  • 9. Sales Forecast for the Next 5 Years
    Pricing Strategy: Define the price per unit for your product/service. Sales Volume: Project the quantity of sales over the next five years, with an explanation of how you plan to achieve these targets.
  • 10. Mentorship and Support Needs
    Areas where the applicant seeks mentorship or support (e.g., business development, legal advice, technical expertise)
  • 11. University Endorsement (if applicable)
    A letter or statement of endorsement from a university supervisor or department
  • 12. Additional Supporting Documents
    Option to upload any additional documents that support the application (e.g., research papers, business plan document, letters of support or endorsement)
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